Raua 63
A small manor house at the heart of the city

For most of us, living in a manor house will forever remain a fantasy. But for the selected lucky ones this can become a reality. Raua 63 is from an era when people did not yet dream of their own nation, and commissioning of a town house was a privilege available only for squires.

This historic pearl was designed in the year 1900 by Konstantin Wilcken, who has also designed the Vasalemma manor. His grandiose style is characterised by rich detailing, wooden carvings, cornices and rosettes. In addition to aesthetics, equal attention is also paid to the quality of living – spacious rooms with ceilings taller than 3 metres, large windows, great layouts.

The building will be completely reconstructed both inside and out. We provide high-quality insulation and ventilation solution. Truly inspiring interior design materials are also standard for Larsen apartments. The neighbouring house is Raua 65, a stone house from the old republic times, which is also developed by us.

Last specious family apartment on sale!

Hinnad ja planeering

Hinnad on toodud “võtmed kätte” lahenduse puhul, mis sisaldab siseviimistlust.
No Flat Price Plan Floor Rooms Balcony
1 124.8m² 318 000 PDF I 4
2 124,9m² Sold I 5
3 136,6m² Sold II 5
4 90,1m² Sold II 3
5 46,5m² Sold II 2
6 35,6m² Sold III 1
7 63,6m² Sold III 3 5,9
8 105,0m² Sold III 4 5,9
9 (Business) 40,2m² Sold Sokkel 2
10 (Business) 35,5m² Sold Sokkel 2
11 (Business) 25,2m² Sold Sokkel 2
12 (Business) 35,2m² Sold Sokkel 2
Parking space in the backyard 14 000 €
Storage 4000-6600 €


The location of the house is fitting for a lord or lady of the manor –
at the meeting point of Kadriorg and Centre town. Kadrioru park,
the Russalka sea promenade and city centre are all a short walk away.
The closest kindergarten is a 3-minute walk away, the school and university a 5-minute walk away.
The neighbour is Raua 65, which is a functionalist-style stone house
that also has apartments available.

Your style

We do not believe in labelling people or homes as “Romantic”, “Industrial”, and so on. Every person and every home is unique.

We have carefully selected all the element for each and every apartment – from high quality flooring to the smallest details like electric switches. Click the PDF in the Apartments section to see all the elements.


Construction information

Raua 63 is a building of historic importance, and it is a privilege for us to be able to give it a new life. We will pay attention to every detail, and conserve or display as much of the old as possible.

We will use construction materials that will create a high-quality living environment. The house will be friendly to the environment and to the wallet of its inhabitants.

Our dedication will carry over from the building to the interior finishing of each individual apartment also. We do not build “white boxes” but homes. We will put our soul into the reconstruction process, so that the new lords and ladies of the manor could be proud of their house.

The building is developed by Larsen Kinnisvara.

Sale conditions

The apartment acquisition process has 3 steps:

1. Reservation agreement
A contract is signed and a non-refundable reservation fee is paid
(1 000 – 2 000 euros, depending on the size of the apartment)

2. First notarised contract
This notarised contract is signed within 30 days of signing the reservation agreement.
At the same time, the buyer pays 15% of the total purchase price
(counting also the reservation fee)

3.     Second notarised contract
This notarised contract is usually signed immediately before
the hand-over of the apartment to the buyer.
The rest of the acquisition price is paid by the buyer.

Download the sale conditions (in Estonian)

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Did not find a suitable home?

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